"When I first started with TJ's program I felt that I was already active and already knew how to workout so I was more or less just showing support. However after just a few weeks of his program besides just feeling better I also could see my results physically with muscle definition and gain. What I liked the most was his variety of exercises to keep me interested and my body in a constant state of adjustment so they didn't get used to a particular exercise. I also appreciated his daily check ins for working out and meals that he helped create for me and the accountability. He had really reminded me of my playing days. I would highly recommend his program."



"Virtual training with TJ is pretty much like having a personal trainer in your back pocket. He responds to your concerns in real time and he doesn't miss a chance to call you out on skipping workouts and following your meal plan. As someone who isn't tech savvy, I was pleasantly shocked by how easy it was to navigate on his platform. 10/10 for the services rendered AND the support offered."

- Sabrina

"Let’s Be Great Fitness is worth it if you want to lose weight and don’t mind logging everything in your phone. A new app created by my bro Thomas, through which he gives many dieters the motivation and support they need to change their habits for the better. I started off at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been 275 and after 2 months I’m down to 255 and I feel great… I still have a long way to go to get where I wanna be but I’m grateful for what Thomas has done for me through his program and I say if you wanna lose weight and be great let my bro help you. He’s a hell of a training and will get you right!"

- Hilton

"TJ is a big motivator and kept pushing me even when I felt doubt at times. Overall, I feel great! I do see major changes on my body and not just the scale but feel I have a little way to go. Rome wasn’t built in a day so I now understand the formula on how to successfully cut and balance my energy and mindset."

- Hassan

"Before working with TJ, I had no sense of routine for eating or exercising. I’m not all the way there yet, but these past 8 weeks in the summer shred challenge with TJ have been instrumental for me in starting to build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle all the way around. He helped bring awareness to a lot of habits/patterns around my nutrition and gave some great tips to start making positive changes in my diet and exercise routine, as well as working to establish and maintain consistency. He was responsive to messages and very willing to make adjustments to my plan to fit my needs/desires and recommendations from my treating healthcare providers. The challenge was certainly challenging, but very much worth it :) "

- Salena

"My body feels a lot better than before I did this. My muscles are more reactive and stronger in general. I definitely appreciate the motivation."

- Daniel 

"The training plan definitely did me right. Out of all the people I have worked with in the past, TJ has helped me out the most thus far!!"

- Percy

" TJ is an amazing coach. The and workout plans and meal plans were straight to the point very executable with the right mindset. He provided me with the tools (plans, apps needed, encouragement) and it was on me to execute them. What makes him and his program great and very different from the rest is that he held me accountable for all of my actions but also did not make me feel belittled. If I was slipping and eating more carbs then I should’ve or steered away and ate fast food he called me out in a respectful way, on a basically “you know what you are suppose to be doing so let’s get to it” tip. I appreciated the encouraging words almost everyday to get me through and how I felt he was on this journey with me. TJ provided me with suggestions when I was trying to figure out the best ways to either meal prep or modify a workout. He was also very accommodating. Anytime he provided me with a workout task and I physically could not do it because of knee pain or just too much weight, he was able to quickly send me a replacement workout that still catered to my goals. The results in losing 20lbs in a short amount of time speaks for itself. Again he was the provider of tools and I was the executor. Neither would’ve worked without the other so I appreciate him and his business for getting me through this and really believing in myself while pushing me to my limits. It wasn’t easy, some days I was tired and hurting but I knew with his support I could get through it and wanted to make both of us proud. I was skeptical at first because I never worked with a personal trainer virtually and had reservation on how it would workout and how we would build a relationship. I can honestly say now after going through it that it is a personal preference of mine and makes it easy to stay safe through this time of Covid. I could’ve very well went into a gym and worked out but TJ allowed me to provide him with what I had at home and created my workout plan around those items. I want to personally thank him and LETS BE GREAT FITNESS for continuing this journey with me and that this is just the beginning of a long relationship. Not only am I proud of me but I am most proud that there are people and programs out there like this that make you really want to be better."

- Shanique 

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